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Do you trade markets or percentages?

This question is one that i have been battling with recently in terms of one particular trend following strategy I use. June was so poor that I had literally given up using this strategy. I know, I know that i should not have done that. My back testing supported this trading system and the max […]

How do you deal with a missed trade?

Well this is an area that I knew was a big deal even before it cost me a couple of hundred pounds today! Ever trader will know that feeling of entering a couple of trades in line with their rules and losing them. If you are managing your risk right it might only be a […]

Your Trader’s ‘Playbook’

I am a great believer in education. Whatever your passion or business I think that learning new things is a massively important focus. As a result I read (or listen) to books every day. Whether it is at home, the gym or even in the office. I try to keep up to date with what […]

When is £15 not £15?

I had an interesting experience in the last 24 hours with a trade that really made me think carefully about the psychology of trading. There were two very different moments in the life of an open trade where the impact of ‘losing’ or being down £15 made a colossally different impact on me mentally. So […]

Welcome to Traders Journal

This is only a very quick post to welcome you to the new Traders Journal blog. With the impending launch of our main site and trading journal tool I decided we needed somewhere to keep everyone up to date with what we were doing and how the product and the community of users were getting […]